A few of my favourite things

January 31, 2012

(“The Sound of Music” isn’t one of them.)

Righty ho. Feel like writing something again. First things first, mood is okayish again. 6 out of 10 as opposed to 5 yesterday. Still miss that warm fuzzy feeling though. Maybe my mind is telling me “Oi! You’ve had enough of that!” Sod that, I’ll get it back by hook or by crook!

Straight on with it, allowing things just to spring to mind and in no particular order, here are some things I love:

Alan Partridge

Wow. What a creation. He simply makes cry with laughter. He’s exaggerated of course, but also totally and absolutely believable. We’ve all met him in some guise. The man is a monster (I mean, just look at him – Alan), yet you can’t help but love him. I sometimes find myself sympathising and agreeing with him too, which worries me a little! It’s genius all round, quality of observation, quality of writing and coherence of character. The icing on the cake is the quite incredibly intuitive and consistent performance by Steve Coogan. I don’t know how he does it.

Skiing holidays

Not just the skiing, although that’s fantastic of course. It’s the whole thing. Amazing scenery, crisp refreshing weather, good company, having a few drinks in a warm and friendly bar, coming back to your room healthily knackered, sitting on a lift enjoying the peace, struggling with a different language (might just be me that one). Fun basically, in abundance. No wonder Alpine people are so healthy. Do Italians have emotional disorders? They seem to have the right idea, let it out! We can learn from them and vice versa (see Champions League final, below), as is the way of the world I suppose.

I won’t have it that skiing is posh or elitist. Not a bit of it, it’s just an active holiday and I love it.


“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” Can’t argue with that! For me, it’s a similar excitement to skiing. Maybe because they’re both winter things. Warm pubs, having a laugh, people in a good mood, making the effort to get on. Family getting on too. That can be a rarity in our house at times but Christmas is never overshadowed, I suppose it’s ‘sacred’ to us (I don’t think I mean that literally). Loved it this year, particularly the week after Christmas Day. I usually find that week even nicer, because the mood is still around but there’s less pressure to make things ‘special’ after the day itself. If you see what I mean.

Nick Cave

Intense bastard, lol. I love the bones of him. I suppose we all have our songwriters, musicians, whatever, that really speak to us on a personal level. He’s mine.


Oh yeah! God I love a quiz! Especially one in a pub, that’s heaven for me. There’s a quiz show on BBC1 at the moment called ‘Pointless’. It’s brilliant – you have to think of the most obscure answer to a question, with the aim of scoring as few points as possible. For example: “Name a country beginning with P”. If you come up with ‘Portugal’ you’ll score, say, 80 points (based on a survey of 100 people asked the same question in preparation for the show). If you say ‘Papua New Guinea’ then you’ll perhaps score about 15 points. 15 beats 80, so you go through to the next round. If you say ‘Patagonia’ (i.e., risking going for an obscure answer without being sure if it’s correct) then you’ll score 100, the worst score, because it’s a wrong answer. It really makes you think and the questions are very wide ranging. Hosts are great too. They’re genuinely funny and quick, which is unusual for a tea-time show.

Memory of Champions League final 2005

Sorry about this one, and yes it’s just a memory now. Just heard it mentioned on the radio though. Unsurpassed drama and you can’t deny that, regardless of your allegiance. 3-0 down at half time, getting played off the pitch by silky, cultured play. Embarrassed. Dead and buried. Then six minutes of incredible, bloody-minded spirit and it was 3-3. To think the Milan players were already celebrating at half time. That was arrogance, they hadn’t counted on our resolve and grit (see ‘vice versa’, above). We had more than our fair share of luck (eg. a point blank save by Dudek which he knew nothing about, lol), but we deserved it. It just had to end on penalties, and for once I saw a penalty shootout that my team won. Boy did I celebrate! Best final ever and I’m immensely proud that Liverpool not only took part in it but that somehow, somehow, they also managed to win the bloody thing. Just goes to show you! Don’t mention 2007 though…

Survival Horror

I love these games. I don’t play many video games as I’m fussy on what I like. Tell me there’s a new one of these coming out though and I’m there handing over my money asap. My favourite is the ‘Silent Hill’ series, particularly the second instalment, although I like all of them. It’s everything about them, the suspense, disorientation, puzzle solving, design, characterisation, music and sound effects. It’s the feeling of knowing you have to explore an area but not wanting to go in, because you’re so bloody scared of what might (or might not) be lurking there. I just really like them and I hate it when I’ve finished one because I enjoyed it so much. ‘Dead Space 2‘ is good too, but I didn’t like the first game because I played it after the second one and found it less refined.

That’ll have to do. These posts are getting too long. I’ll end with one of my favourite Alan Partridge quotes. It’s with reference to the “Who was the best Bond?” debate and Alan’s reason for plumping for Roger is:

“No one else could wear a safari suit with the same degree of casuality as Roger Moore.”



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